The Epic Savings Identifier Program is a complimentary service offered to all Epic customers upon which we demonstrate how to save up to 20% of your overall IT budget by using Epic products.

We look at purchases spanning the last several years and then outline a specific plan that will generate significant savings. Most companies are unnecessarily throwing away thousands of dollars a year (often hundreds of thousands).

Our focus on customer education and superior service is the number one reason for our exceptionally high level of customer loyalty.


Should any EPIC Optical Transceivers or Networking Memory products be determined to be the cause of system downtime by which a service technician is needed to resolve, Epic will overnight an advanced cross ship replacement and pay up to $250.00 for the service provider to pay for services rendered as a result of the defective product.

Epic Broadband is committed to insuring our customers receive the highest level of customer service and quality on all of our EPIC Transceivers. This Service Reimbursement Program is another way for Epic to show our valued partners that we will always stand behind our product and most of all our customers.

In addition to providing this new Service Reimbursement Program:
  • EBS Uses Only Tier 1 Lasers To Insure Top Quality Product
  • Industry Leading Lifetime Replacement Warranty
  • Same Day Shipping
  • Multiple Packaging Options
  • 24 hr Advanced Cross Ships

*EPIC Compa9ble Transceivers will not void your standard Switch Manufacturer’s warranty.

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